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Call Skip Hire Berkshire and book a refuse removal service If you want to eliminate your property's unwanted waste.

Skip Hire Berkshire carry out CRB checks on all our group members to ensure a secure and trouble-free garbage disposal services to all our clients. Skip Hire Berkshire can provide a special wheelie bin for renewable and dangerous refuse that needs specific segregation when performing trash disposal activities.


Competitive Rates for Refuse Collection and Removal in Berkshire and UK

Skip Hire Berkshire offer personalized refuse removal services to meet and fill every customer's requirements.

Skip Hire Berkshire premium refuse collection services are offered to both domestic and commercial customers looking for suitable & high-quality service.


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Approximately 90% of the collected refuse by Skip Hire Berkshire in UK has been already recycled but we are still planning to improve our current recycling process to achieve a more efficient and successful service.

Skip Hire Berkshire provides economical and highly competitive prices whilst establishing a notable reputation for customer satisfaction unlike any other refuse collection companies all over UK.

Skip Hire Berkshire in addition provide recycling processes for all recyclable refuse that we collected and actually, we are presently recycling 90% of the total amount removed. Our established company, Skip Hire Berkshire, gives educated and skilled staff to manage waste removal services for both domestic and commercial properties in Berkshire, Bradfield, srAlt3 and Compton.

Regular refuse removal services are handled by our trained and practised employees at Skip Hire Berkshire straight from customer's property. At Skip Hire Berkshire You may choose various sizes of wheelie bin sizes that ranges from 240 litres up to 1100 litres.

Skip Hire Berkshire Collect and Remove Refuse Across UK

Skip Hire Berkshire ensure a satisfactory personalized refuse removal services by modifying and enhancing our disposal, recycling and disposal procedures.

Skip Hire Berkshire will carry out proper segregation will be carried out to all gathered refuse and get it ready for recycling adminestered by a licensed recycling station.

Right after placing an order, one of our sales representatives at Skip Hire Berkshire will book the next available slot for your refuse collection.

Call Skip Hire Berkshire on 01753 373079 or [email protected] and chat with one of our professional and accommodating consultants to discuss about the best possible services we can share about.